February 26, 2018
February 26, 2018
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Bush Games – Team Building

This Team Building activity is both fun and outcomes based, encompassing a taste of a number of our adventure activities and testing the team work and problem solving skills of the participants.

Teams compete against each other, issued with bartering stones, riddles and some equipment! Each team has to tackle activities, obstacles and puzzles to determine the victor whilst having an adventure. All members must participate, but only some members of each team need to complete certain obstacles as indicated in order to allow for individual fears and fitness levels. Some activities are physical, some mental, but all will be challenging and fun.


In developing these Ground Zero Bush Survival Games, we created the next step in team activities. The team that wins will not have to be the fittest but the one that can do problem solving and have the ability to work together whilst having fun.

Obstacles and challenges:

• Flag Design • Warcry Choreography • Riddles • Blind Archery • Scavenger Hunt • Mini Quad Trail • Land Mine Challenge • Toxic Waste Challenge • Target Shooting • Obstacle Course