Fear Factor

A fun team building experience that encourages participants to overcome their physical, mental and emotional fears with the encouragement of their peers. Challenges include eating mopane worms, tackling heights, blindfolded trust games and more! Ground Zero Adventures Fear Factor Program is specifically designed to promote teamwork, emotional encouragement and self confidence.

The Cradle of Humankind Caveman Experience

Ground Zero Adventures offers students the opportunity to learn about the historical and sociological relevance of the Cradle of Humankind. They will be guided through practical studies of fossils with our resident caveman, Og, and enjoy an educational talk by a guest expert. An additional field trip to the Cradle of Humankind Maropeng Exhibit can Read more about The Cradle of Humankind Caveman Experience[…]

Geography and Cartography Challenge

Incorporate team building and geography into your school tour with Ground Zero Adventures ultimate cartography challenge. Each team is allocated a map and a scavenger hunt list that aims to promote navigation, compass work and map reading skills. Teams must then work together to answer geographical questions, complete challenges and solve puzzles.

River and Environmental Impact Education

Students spend half a day on one of our guided river tours, exploring the river and learning about the impact that humans and the environment take on nature. This program encourages environmental awareness and empathy, while the river rafting promotes exercise, team work, builds core strength and muscle development.

Bush Games – Team Building

This Team Building activity is both fun and outcomes based, encompassing a taste of a number of our adventure activities and testing the team work and problem solving skills of the participants. Teams compete against each other, issued with bartering stones, riddles and some equipment! Each team has to tackle activities, obstacles and puzzles to Read more about Bush Games – Team Building[…]

Battle of the Bush Chefs Standard Package

Ground Zero presents a Cook Off Activity that is fun and allows us all to become involved in an outdoor culinary experience regardless of our level of expertise or knowledge. Master Chef meets Survivor and so much fun! Tastes, aromas, cooking and food in general is becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives. Read more about Battle of the Bush Chefs Standard Package[…]